You need to fight pollution on a daily basis in order to keep undercut its ill effects on the skin. Protect as well as take good care of your skin “every day”. Sunscreen works as a tough barrier against UV rays as well as particles of pollution. So whether you are indoors or outdoors, wear your sunscreen. If you scrub daily for just 10 seconds every day, it helps your skin recover and heals from the ill effects of pollution wonderfully. Take some walnuts and grind them into a coarse paste. Mix some sugar and a few drops of Olive oil and scrub your face gently for 10 seconds only.

You can also take a slice of a raw green papaya and rub your skin with it for 20 seconds. The natural enzymes in papaya help remove the blackness from your face. Chocolate face pack is a great way to deal with the harmful effects of pollution. Rich in antioxidants, it wards off free radicals, detoxifies skin and provides deep nourishment and healthy glow. You can also take steam once a week after massaging your skin with almond or coconut oil. For a hint of rejuvenation, add a few drops of lavender or orange oil to your hot steam water.

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