Glittery lids

All we need is a little bit of sparkle in our life ….and makeup kit. Glitter means instant glam up. However, you don’t need to swim in it. A little is perfect. Take a very tiny amount of gold or silver and lightly dust it on the inner corner of your eyes.  Remember – less is more. A hint of glitter peeping from the inner corners of your eyelids is perfect to lend that unmistakable spark to your look. In case, you want to let loose and get into the diva mood cover your lids with chunky gold glitter.

Shaded stories

A hint of shimmer,  a little subtleness, and shade over a shade – the requisites for smoldering eye makeup in 2019. Instead of applying an overall eyeshadow, go for fading traces of colour on both upper and lower lids. Use different but complimenting colours for upper and lower lids. Finish off with a liner and mascara and you are done. For example, pick shimmery shades of copper and violet  – the former will trace along the bottom lashes and the latter will trace along the top ones.

Virgin brows

It’s time to ‘unfollow’ the perfectly shaped eyebrows and follow ‘real & raw brows. While tweezers are kept aside, the eyebrows are groomed with the help of eyebrow brush. If the idea of bushy brows is too daunting for you then you can shape your brows in a natural arch, instead of a total clean up.

Bronzer is back

This is going to be the comeback of the year. While bronzer makes its way back, heavy contouring is shown the exit door.  Skip framing the face to the perfection. Instead, take a large fluffy brush, and put the bronzer along the temple, cheekbones, and jawline. And you are done.  Keep the skin clean and luminous with a high-definition foundation.

Here comes Living Coral

Make way for this vibrant and versatile colour that has been declared as the colour of the year 2019 by Pantone. It oh-so-easy to wear it! A soft sweep of Living Coral on the cheeks gives the most ethereal glow to your face. Pantone calls it the ‘vibrant, yet mellow’ – orange pink – making it a perfect pick-me-up colour for statement lips. Interestingly, it’s also the colour of the sky at dusk, so what could be more enchanting than flaunting ‘sunset eyes’! An easy wash of the colour on the lids makes a bold statement.

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