Nothing makes you feel as refreshed as a mint facial mist. It wakes you up inside-out. You can make this mist at home as well. Take the juice of some mint leaves. Add a few drops of rose water, little camphor and some astringent to it. Mix it well and your home-made facial mist is ready.

Dry skin looks more tired. So moisturize your skin, hands, and feet really well.

A double coat of mascara is the most trusted rescuer of tired eyes. Start with a thin layer of mascara. Now take a very tiny amount of powder on your fingertips and rub it over your eyelashes. Take an eyelash curler and curl your lashes. Finish off with a second thick coat of mascara. Who needs eyelash extensions now?

Look fresh and fabulous with bright colors. They instantly light up your face, eliminating any sign of fatigue.

Go for deep contouring if you feel that your face looks too tired. It is the best way to camouflage fatigue.

For those big, beautiful eyes, consider smoky liner pencil as your BFF. Line your lower lash line with smoky liner pencil, smudge it lightly and then line the lower lash line with an eyeliner. The result is fantastic. No one would ever get to know that you partied hard last night.

Few generous sweeps of blush that’s all you need to complete to your look. It just adds a bit of color to the face and makes you look more awake.

Hope this helps.


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