Pantone described it as ‘versatile & life-affirming’, and when it comes to beauty, Living Coral lives up to its reputation. It is warm, wonderful and energizing. I won’t call it super glamorous. But it is definitely a colour that can uplift your mood and spirit. It is one of those colours that is soothing on the eyes yet looks so stunning. When it comes to makeup, it’s the colour that lights up the face as well as the heart. Apply it on the lips and make an unmistakable beauty statement. Apply it on the eyes and enjoy the spotlight. Go for a soft & easy sweep on the cheeks and swirl with the inner glow. It can get as versatile as you want it to be.

Subtle ways in which it can be incorporated in your makeup

Sweet cheeks – A soft sweep of Living Coral on the cheeks gives the most ethereal glow to your face. Also, wearing it as a blush is the safest way to find out if it’s the colour for you. The glow looks healthy and dewy. You do not need too much makeup when using Living Coral blush.

Bright lips – Pantone calls Living Coral ‘vibrant, yet mellow’ – orange pink – making it a perfect pick-me-up colour for the lips. A lipstick in this colour is cheerfully bright, but not too bright. Go for a matte shade during the day for smudged lips and go for a little sheen at night, finish off with a nude gloss after applying the lipstick.

Sunset eyes – It’s also the colour of the sky at dusk, so what could be more enchanting than flaunting ‘sunset eyes’! A bold wash of the colour on the lids makes a bold statement, whereas a subtle hint of the colour – either on the outer or inner corners of the eyes – looks refreshingly beautiful.

Nailing it – When it is on your fingertips, it is hard to miss those dancing fingers. The colour gets your feet beach or pool ready in minutes. Avoid any sort of nail art or stones while using Living Coral nail paint.

Living Coral for Indian skin tone

Living Coral compliments the wheatish skin tone that most Indian women have. While it looks good on fair skin too, those with pink undertone should avoid it. It is perfect for those with peach (skin) undertone. Indian skin loves the Living Coral blush, literally!

Day & Night looks

Coral lips are a perfect match for Summers but since it has been chosen as the Color of the Year, you are free to rock that bright & bold pout all year round. If you are keeping the lips bold, go for softer makeup on the eyes & cheeks. The bold coral lips work best for maxi dresses or cold shoulder/off shoulder dresses & tops.

At night, give your coral lips a little shine with a generous helping of a nude lipgloss. It makes the lips look less bold and more luscious.

If you love smoky eyes, you are going to love Living Coral too. It is the new, refreshing take on the smoky eyes that has already made its debut on the runway and bridal shows. Since Living Coral is soft as well as stunning, it perfectly suits the minimalistic taste of the modern bride who also wants to stand apart. The uniqueness of this colour makes it the preferred colour for bridal makeup, especially the eyes. The key is to build the colour slowly, going from lighter to darker shades.

If you want to make it more eye-catching, play with the contrasts. Pair Living Coral on the lids with a light blue or green on the inner corners.

I personally love Living Coral for a Mehendi or Haldi function during the day. Why ?– one, it is a day colour; two, it goes well with the light colour Mehendi/Haldi outfit of the bride-to-be. Light green/ Light Blue and Living Coral compliment each other. Peaches and coral also work well.

Tips to keep in mind
Go slow & blend well
Little is enough
Focus on one feature only – Lips or Eyes
Keep the skin clean & complexion dewy & flawless. A light coverage foundation works well.
Balance the bright Living Coral lips with the deepest black mascara
Use a neutral cheek highlighter to balance the face.

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