In a world where we often say, “less is more” makeup also seems to follow the same trend. Yes, makeup should essentially mean makeup –and, of course looking decked-up always is not necessary. Anyways, if no- makeup look can let you achieve your goal of looking effortlessly beautiful all the time; why shy away from it? This raving trend is named as – nude or no-makeup look.  Another reason of people are also opting for a nude-do as most celebrities have been spotted wearing it and yet looking ultra-glamorous. Choosing the right quantity and quality of products; and doing it in the right way can make you look like a diva yourself– that too in no time! How to do it? Answers, Beauty Expert and Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Bharti Taneja – just for you!

Before you start applying your makeup it is very important to carry-out your daily and compulsory ritual of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing for makeup-ready skin. Now incept with applying a tinted moisturizer or soufflé or a two-way cake to be a perfect base for your makeup. It is recommended to apply these products evenly for a smoother-looking face.

Now, continue with your eyes and apply a taupe colored eye-shadow to infuse a softer effect to your eyes. Now, pick a natural brown hue and contour on the outer corners of the eyes using a contouring brush to make your eyes emerge deeper-set. Then, start highlighting your brow bone with a cream-colored eye shadow for a sleek and sultry glance. To complete your eye makeup, define your lash-line with a brown lash joiner and a single coat of mascara.

Follow with applying a gel-based cheek tint or powder-based blusher on your cheeks to impart a natural blush onto your face; and follow with highlighting your cheek bones with pastel shade highlighter of your choice. For lips, it is suggested to opt for a light shade of lip-color. Lastly, apply your favorite lip gloss and be ready to flaunt your nude makeup with ease. Always remember to have pride on you, be yourself, love yourself, flaunt yourself…do whatever it takes to be ‘BE-YOU-tiful’!

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