Don’t let the scars ruin your wedding dreams. Renowned beauty expert and cosmetologist BhartiTaneja gives you a lowdown on ways to minimize the look of the scars.

It’s your big day and all you have been thinking about is how to make that scar disappear (for a day, at least)! How you wish you had a magic wand to do so! Scars from injuries, acne, and other traumatic effects are unhappy reminders as well as cosmetically unsightly. While in the past people had to live with their scars, today, there are quite a few options for making yours less noticeable. Here’s how you can find your way to complete perfection….

Scrub it right

The first and foremost way is to slough off the top layers of the skin, and it should be done on a daily basis. You can use Herbal scrub made of sandalwood powder, chamomile powder, fuller’s earth, orange peel and turmeric to scrub off the dead skin. Add a few drops of Vitamin C toner to make a fine paste. It helps slough off the dead cells, regenerate skin and give it smooth feel. You can also add Calamine powder to this concoction for acne scars. Scrubbing the scar also helps prepare the skin for laser treatment and enhances its effectiveness.  

Laser care

Lasers are the big guns of scar removal. A dedicated laser treatment of 30 days is considered effective in healing the scar. It also speeds up the collagen building process which results in lightening of the scar day after day.

AHA is the way

Known as the beauty secret of Cleopatra, Alpha Hydroxy Acids are very popular for giving skin smoother and firmer texture. The treatment is given twice a week, wherein AHA cream is applied on the scar. Post this, a ultrasonic machine is used to help the cream penetrate deep for best results. The penetration helps generate collagen, heal the skin and lighten the scar.

Get the glow

Especially designed to give your skin its lost glory minus scars, our very popular Young Skin Mask comes loaded with collagen which helps hydrate and lighten the skin. It should be used twice a week. Besides this, you can also use Super Collagen serum at home for speedy results.

Art of concealing

In case you don’t have time to undergo the above mentioned procedures, you can conceal the scar with the help of make-up. Pick a concealer that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Now apply a foundation matching your skin tone and finish off with loose powder. The professionals, however, use colour correctors to give you perfect finish.

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