Dr. B h a r t i   T a n e j a

 “Find your passion, Focus on it, Be honest, Work hard and
see how life changes…”

Alps Beauty Group

Beauty Expert and & Cosmetologist

‘The Golden Lady’ for introducing the 24 Karat Gold Facial

First to introduce the concept of beauty clinics in India

Introduced latest technology in make-up & beauty care in the country

Founder of Alps Academy that skills thousands of women and enables them to become economically independent

Founded Bharti Taneja Foundation where underprivileged women are given free training and job placement assistance

The Mogul with a Magnanimous heart 

Her success story is a tale of girt, determination and perseverance. A visionary and path breaker, Ms. Bharti Taneja transformed the Indian beauty industry with her vision and ideas. Guided by her instincts and desire to offer the best to her clients, she relentlessly worked to bring the latest technology to Indian beauty market.

Ms. Bharti Taneja is the woman who coined the concept of ‘beauty clinics’ in India. Mixing science with beauty, she introduced advanced dermatology to day-to-day skincare treatments. Many followed her footsteps but she remains the market leader. Today, India is seen as one of the most popular beauty and wellness destination among tourists from around the world, and Ms Bharti Tanejahas played a significant role in making this happen.

Beauty, however, is not just a business for her. She looks at it as a great tool to empower women. In fact, her philanthropic work also revolves around beauty. Ms Bharti Taneja closely works with NGOs for Cancer patients and provides them free beauty treatments. “A good beauty treatment is always a great confidence booster,” she believes. A share of her earnings goes to the studies of underprivileged kids. This apart, the Bharti Taneja Foundation offers free training and job placement assistance to economically
backward women.

In addition to running her company and philanthropic work, Ms Bharti Taneja regularly shares her expertise on television, in magazines and newspapers, and online. She is associated with various beauty, health & wellness magazines in the country. A sought after beauty expert, Ms Bharti Taneja connects with diverse audiences and has appeared on many TV shows. She is often inviited to several beauty pageants as jury and also, as mentor (beauty). Ms Bharti Tanejastrongly believes in sharing her knowledge and experiences with other women and help them dream ‘big & beautiful.’

“Challenges are meant to be conquered” 

A former teacher, Ms. Bharti Taneja started her own salon in 1988 with a meagre amount of two thousand rupees only. “Beauty industry was not as big as you see it today,” she shares. Ms Bharti Taneja is not the one who gives up just like that. Armed with passion and a strong will, she went ahead and transformed the Indian beauty industry. Such was her determination that every penny she earned, and even the ones she borrowed, she put all into learning & training herself to become an ace beauty expert. In no time, Ms Bharti Taneja founded Alps Beauty Group.

However, it hasn’t been an easy-breezyroad to success for Ms Bharti Taneja. She had her share of challenges and hardships. Arthritis tried to slow her down in the early years of her career. Due to the severe pain, she could not stand or move for over a year. But she did not stop working. Even Arthritis could not break her spirit. “My passion for beauty saved me,” she says. Soon, with disciplined lifestyle and willpower, she beat Arthritis and proved that ‘where there’s a will there’s a way.’

“There is no point running away from challenges. You cannot unfollow them. Conquer them – that’s the only way out,” she says. Starting her journey from a one room parlour to running several beauty clinics and academies across the country, her story has inspired many women to focus on their passion and succeed in life.

Ms Bharti Taneja resonates with women from all walks of life who are walking or have walked on the tightrope of work-life balance. A mother of two daughters, she has always taught her daughters to be honest, humble and brave enough to fight challenges & follow their passion.

Over three decades have passed but even today she works with the same energy, zeal and aim to empower women. “When you empower a woman, the whole family prospers,” she believes.

Skilling India since 1988

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, believes the beauty veteran Bharti Taneja. 

Ms Bharti Taneja works with an aim to not just help women find a job but to hone their entrepreneurial skills. “When a woman becomes an entrepreneur she not just gives employment to other women, she also gives them courage to dream big and realise it,” she says.

Quite early in her career, Ms Bharti Tanejarealised that work and economic independence help women lead a life of dignity. “For scores of women in the country, a job is not just a source of income, it’s also a source of respect& self-confidence. At the same time, work gives them a sense of purpose,” she says.

As her chain of beauty clinics expanded, she took more and more young women under her wings. She realised that the ever-growing Indian beauty industry needs more skilled women and started The Alps Beauty Academy. Ms Bharti Taneja travelled around the world to have a first-hand experience of latest and advanced techniques and shared it with her students back home. The comprehensive training by Ms. Bharti Taneja help the girls get hired by the best brands of the beauty world across the country.

Ms Bharti Taneja holds a degree in B.Sc, B.Ed, Aroma Therapy, Magneto Therapy and Ayurved Acharya. She also has a Diploma in Russian language as well. However, nothing excites her more than teaching and sharing her knowledge about beauty & skincare. A passionate and selfless leader, Ms Bharti Taneja has been conducting beauty seminars since 1992 in order to help beauty professional grow their business.

Till date, over five lakhs women have gained knowledge and strength from various seminars conducted by Ms. Bharti Taneja. “If they cannot come to my academy for whatever reasons then I must go to them and help them stand on their feet,” she says. She teaches indiscriminately and fervently.
Talking for hours and hours, Ms. Bharti Taneja sincerely responds to every question from the participants during her national and international
summits and seminars.

A Humanist always

Giving back to the society has always been on the top slot of Ms Bharti Taneja’s list of priorities in life. Her charitable work is close to her heart and the commitment towards noble causes has only grown deeper and
stronger with time.

As an eminent member of the Rotary Club, she has taught over 700 students. A substantial amount of Ms. Bharti Taneja’s earnings goes towards helping poorest of the poor in the society. She and her team organises health check-up camps, offers free eye check-upsand blood sugar (diabetes) test.

Ms Bharti Taneja is closely associated with NGOs that work towards providing free education to underprivileged children. Empowering the young minds with education has been her constant endeavour.

Ms Bharti Taneja fantastically uses the power of beauty to support various charitable causes. To begin with, the Bharti Taneja Foundation is doing terrific work in educating and empowering underprivileged women.These women not only get free makeup and skincare training, the foundation also helps them
in getting jobs.

Ms Bharti Taneja’s commitment to philanthropy is contagious. Even her team of makeup artists actively takes part in Fashion shows for charitable causes. The team is as enthusiastic as the leader and philanthropist herself.

The Cancer survivors find a strong support of a friend and a humanist in Ms Bharti Taneja. The Alps Beauty Clinics have been providing free permanent makeup to cancer survivors for years now. “During the treatment, many women lose their hair and eyebrows. With the help of permanent makeup, we not just give them new eyebrows but also a renewed self-esteem.
The cancer survivors are real life heroes. These women are
brave and beautiful,” she says.


  • Women Achievers Award (100 women achievers) inferred by
    the President of India (2015)
  • World Book OF RECORDS UK (featured 345 kid models 2018)
  • The Gold Medal by SEMS Director
  • Gold Star Awards Indo Nepal Harmony Awards 2017
  • The Millennium Women’s Award 2000
  • Dronacharya Award
  • Excellence Award by Institute of Economic Studies 2015
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award 2017
  • Global Women Award for Outstanding Creativity
  • Amity Women Achiever Award
  • Savvy Women‘s Award
  • IS2 Award contribution of the year
  • Talented Women’s Award
  • Prashasti Samman National Award for Excellence in Beauty & Wellness 2016
  • Indian Women Award
  • Rajdhani Ratan Award 1997
  • Narishakti Award
  • Magical Achiever Award 2015
  • Women Power Award 2015
  • Prashasti Samman 2016 by IBA/ DMA
  • Adharshila Vatika Award
  • Global Woman Achiever Award
  • Rashtriye Ekta Award
  • Kala Drishti Award

…..When asked Ms Bharti Taneja which one you feel is the best award out of all the awards, her answer was the best award for me is when I see the smile on my client’s face after getting the treatment or makeup done’