5 Makeup Hacks for the festive season by renowned beauty expert Bharti Taneja

  1. After applying lipstick, place your forefinger in your mouth and pull out to get rid of excess lipstick that would otherwise get on your teeth & give you a lipstick-coated smile (no one wants that).
  2. For ultimate staying power, it’s crucial to blot with a tissue after applying the lipstick. For making your lip color even more long-lasting – cover your lips with a tissue after applying lipstick. Now lightly sprinkle a little powder on your lips, gently rub the powder, hit the excess off, and gently press on to the lips. Now remove the tissue, and now your lip color is sealed for all day or night.
  3. Just when you had to leave for the party, you realize that your mascara has ditched you. Fret not! To revive your dried mascara, mix 2-3 drops of contact lens solutions in it, shake a little, swirl the wand into the bottle, apply and you are all set to kill with those thick, long lashes.
  4. Want thick, dramatic lashes without using false lash extensions? Yes, it’s possible! Apply one coat of mascara and leave it for a few seconds to dry. Now lightly dab your lashes with some baby powder and curl them with a lash curler. Apply one more coat of mascara and you get perfect glossed jet black lash. The powder helps your mascara hold the curl better.
  5. The key to long-lasting makeup is the most commonly skipped step – a setting spray. Seriously, it works wonders! You can easily make one at home. Mix aloe vera gel in water and add a few drops of an aromatic oil (jasmine, lavender, rose, etc.). Put this mix in a spray bottle and it is ready to use. The aloe vera gel keeps your makeup looking fresh, and creases never pop up.


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